6 Things You Can Do Today to Make Your Commute More Productive


Photo Credit: Jessica Matteazzi

The average person spends about 200 hours per year commuting to work. If you’re like me and live a bit further away from your workplace, you can easily spend 500 hours just sitting in your car commuting every year. But what if there was a way to utilize this time to pursue a passion or goal of yours or to even learn a new skill?

Below I’ve listed six great ways you could be using your time to be more productive and get more done during your work commute.

1. Listen to Podcasts

If you know what to look for, listening to a good podcast is like sitting next to a qualified expert and letting him/her teach you about a niche topic. Whether you’re interested in learning about technology, writing, personal finance, or blogging, chances are there is a podcast for it. After reading books, listening to podcasts is my second favorite way to learn about something new.

2. Listen to Audiobooks

I’m pretty sure audiobooks were invented for listening to in the car. Whether you listen on a mobile device or CD, listening to audiobooks are great for the commute. I often prefer listening to a book as opposed to reading because I retain the information better than if I was reading it. I can also listen to many more books than I can read in the same time frame so getting in a book or two per week is pretty easy. Try listening at 1.5x or even 2x speed if you want to read more books in a shorter period.

3. Voice-To-Text

Voice-to-text dictation is a tool I take advantage of often and not just while commuting. Try capturing ideas and even dictating entire blog posts to edit later. Evernote is the main tool I use for this but there are other apps out there which can get the job done.

4. Learn a New Language

If you want to learn a new skill, learning a new language while in the car is a great way to spend your commute time. If you’re driving you should obviously use a CD but if you take public transportation, the app DuoLingo is a highly rated language learning platform.

5. Listen to Saved Articles

Instapaper is an app used for saving articles for reading later. But it also provides a text-to-speech option and works great for listening to articles in the car. Simply save an article you want to read later and let its text-to-speech feature dictate the article to you. If you’re like me and save a lot of articles, this is a great way to stay an top of your online reading list.

6. Record Your Ideas

I always capture an important lesson I learned from listening to a podcast or audiobook. It’s easy to record a quick message in the car, then play it back and review it later. Evernote is great for recording audio but so is the quick and easy iOs voice recorder.

Do you already have a routine for your commute time? If so, share yours onFacebook or Twitter.

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