Everyone Should Find and Pursue Their Passion


Photo credit: rafsan hasan

Finding a passion can be a very rewarding experience — sort of like falling in love for the first time. When we engage with what we  love to do, we can experience a heightened sense of fulfillment.

Your passion can be anything. It might be a hobby that you’ve had since you were a child -like playing an instrument or writing. Maybe you’ve only recently found your passion. Or perhaps you haven’t found it yet. Whatever your particular case may be, there are many good arguments on why you should follow that passion of yours.

Most People Never Follow Their Calling.

Just by identifying what your passion is automatically places you ahead of most of the population who haven’t even found it yet. Nor are they actively searching for it. If we want to live a meaningful life, actively pursuing our calling is essential for our success, happiness, and health. Yet this is where most people fall off the bandwagon. Most people are dreamers. Dreamers have really great ideas but don’t actually put in the work required to transcend  an idea to reality. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that if everyone followed their passion, most psychologists would be out of business because we’d be filling a void that people try and fill with other distractions and substances.

What follows are three main reasons why I think everyone should follow their passion in life.

You Will Avoid Regret

If you follow and pursue your life’s work, you won’t regret it later in life. Mid-life crises are a real thing but can be avoided by first finding your calling. Maybe you’re already beginning to feel regretful for not starting that project a little earlier, or perhaps you’ve never taken up an instrument that you’ve always dreamed of learning to play. The longer we put off this desire to work on something that’s larger than ourselves, the more regret we feel in the future for never taking action on it.

You Will Produce Your Best Work

Producing great results in anything you do begins when you are passionate about the work you’re involved in. Great achievers are masters at what they do because for them it isn’t ordinary work, it’s their entire life’s work. To these individuals, daily practice isn’t a chore but rather a necessity for creating a legacy of their life’s work. It’s this daily practice that little by little, will mold your craft into very high quality work.

You Will Live Successfully

Don’t follow your passion to make a living at it. Do something that makes you money now which allows you to follow your passion as a hobby on the side. In the meantime, work hard towards whatever it is you are passionate about and eventually you might be able to earn an income from it. But don’t rely on the prospect of “eventually.” The advice about “if you follow your passion the money will follow” is bad advice. Money should be used as an end to a means for creating, working on, and perfecting your passion whatever it may be.

That being said, the more passionate and the more committed you are to something, the more likely you are to achieve success at it financially. When we become an expert, we will often get recognized for it. Once you are recognized as an expert, people will often pay you for your knowledge or product. It helps if there is a market for whatever you are writing about, selling, teaching, or creating. When you can offer to the world your own unique knowledge and gifts, great things begin to take shape.

One thing about success is that everyone seems to have this definition in their head that success equals making a lot of money when in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. Is the prince of Wales successful because he makes more money than everyone else? Not necessarily. He was lucky because he was born into a royal family at the right place at the right time.

Success can simply mean being really good at something. Confusing this definition can really upset yourself in the long run.

I believe everyone has a duty to take this journey to finding their calling. With the tools and technology available to us today, we have little reason not to. It’s up to us to decide how we use these short years to affect positive change and help those around us while pursuing our legacy. Don’t waste your time because your time is finite but great work lives infinitely.

“There is no passion to be found in playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living” – Nelson Mandela

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