How To Read More Books This Year

glen-noble-18012Reading more books is perhaps the best thing you can do for your self-education. Reading will expand your knowledge of the world while challenging your existing opinions about things.

Recently, I’ve started to challenge myself to read more books. I want to read more because I do not ever want to stop learning, but I also love books. What follows is the result of hours of research and personal experience. My hope is that you can apply what you’ve read here to help you achieve your own reading goals.

  • Create A Reading Habit

Your goal should focus on creating a habit of regular reading. The most effective way to read more books is to create a regular habit of reading. To create a regular reading habit, first create a time everyday when you will read. This scheduled time should be consistent every day. Personally, I like to read every night before I go to bed. Others might prefer to read in the mornings or mid-afternoon. Whatever your preference is – or whatever your time allows – what matters most is that you do not break the cycle. If you have to, set a daily alarm to remind you when it’s time to read.

  • Determine How Long Each Day

Set a time for how long you will dedicate to reading each day. If you aren’t already reading for more than several minutes at a time, I recommend starting at just 15 minute increments.

  • Choose The Right Environment

You will do your best reading in the right environment. Choose a place that makes you feel comfortable and that encourages reading. Some people prefer the bustling environment of a coffee shop. Others prefer a quiet place with little distractions such as a bedroom or a study.

  • Read In The Same Place Every Time

Reading in the same place every time you schedule your reading will help to reinforce creating a reading habit. This works psychologically because your mind will begin to associate the act of reading whenever you are in your reading place.

The key to reading more books in less time is to aim your focus on creating and sustaining a reading habit. By focusing on the habit, we can begin to realize the goal – reading more books in less time. By creating a steady reading habit like this and following your schedule you will easily read a book per month.

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