How To Read More Books This Year

glen-noble-18012Reading more books is perhaps the best thing you can do for your self-education. Reading will expand your knowledge of the world while challenging your existing opinions about things.

Recently, I’ve started to challenge myself to read more books. I want to read more because I do not ever want to stop learning, but I also love books. What follows is the result of hours of research and personal experience. My hope is that you can apply what you’ve read here to help you achieve your own reading goals. Continue reading “How To Read More Books This Year”

6 Things You Can Do Today to Make Your Commute More Productive


Photo Credit: Jessica Matteazzi

The average person spends about 200 hours per year commuting to work. If you’re like me and live a bit further away from your workplace, you can easily spend 500 hours just sitting in your car commuting every year. But what if there was a way to utilize this time to pursue a passion or goal of yours or to even learn a new skill? Continue reading “6 Things You Can Do Today to Make Your Commute More Productive”